At LS STEEL you can order not only the manufacture but also the steel structure installation for various purposes. Our specialists will deliver safely, unload, prepare and install in accordance with the installation process:

Production and installation are carried out by experienced professionals and workers of our company. Years of experience in metalwork assembly have given them a good hand in assembling structures of all kinds. They assemble the most complex projects with ease, like a construction set! The metalwork assembly teams carry out the assembly work both on the factory premises and on-site.

Steel Structures Installation
Stages of steel structures installation

Preliminary. A specialist will visit the construction site to familiarise himself with the site. Access routes for trucks and special equipment are assessed.
Calculation. On the basis of the received data, you choose the necessary trucks for mounting and transportation of materials to the construction site. If there is no foundation, its project is developed.
Installation of foundation.
Laying of foundations according to the designed project.

Steel Structures Installation

Aisles and platforms for working at height are arranged at the site. Measures are taken to ensure the safety of assembly work.
Steel structures installation works.
The lifting equipment with which the supports are positioned at the required location shall be adequate for their weight. The girders are immediately secured and the elements are fastened in an exact vertical or horizontal position.

Projects related to the service

This single-level warehouse with maximum effective floor space was designed, delivered and installed by the LS STEEL team.

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