Steel structure delivery is an important process in any construction project.
Just like the production itself, we take a very detailed and individual approach to it.

Steel structures are manufactured in our factory and transported to the project location site ready for further assembly and installation.

Due to our factory location which is in Ventspils, situated by the Baltic Sea with an ice-free port, we are able to deliver our cargo all over Europe in the shortest time possible. Which cuts back on delivery costs and makes us more accessible.

LS STEEL Delivery in Europe

Metal structures can be divided into flat (e.g. metal walls of commercial pavilions, huts, sections serving as fences) and three-dimensional (reinforcing frames, towers, columns, canopies, sheds, etc.).

LS Steel structure delivery

The consequence of this is, firstly, high intensity of transport of this kind of goods, and secondly, that due to their variety in form and size steel structures may fall under a wide range of restrictions which requires a careful selection of logistical solutions and various measures in preparation for carriage.

Our team already has extensive experience in organising all of these processes. We have already formed partnerships with logistics companies, so please get in touch – we can help in steel structures delivery.

Projects related to the service

This single-level warehouse with maximum effective floor space was designed, delivered and installed by the LS STEEL team.

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