Plasma cutting

Steel Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting

LS STEEL performs a range of metalworking tasks, including steel plasma cutting.

If metal needs to be simply cut, LS STEEL uses guillotine shears, and if curved contours or more complex structures need to be cut, metal is cut using plasma units.

Steel plasma cutting

Steel plasma cutting is done by applying a jet of gas or liquid pressure to the surface. The idea is that the high temperature of the gas melts the metal in the area, and the particle velocity of the jet blows away the residual material. The result is a perfectly smooth edge.

Plasma metal cutting produces a perfect cut and is suitable for all types of metal. This technology permits a multiplication of productivity. Since the entire process is fully automated, there is no detrimental effect on the person doing the work.

Plasma cutting also allows us to cut structures in thicker materials.

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