Steel structure painting is one of a range of processes that we provide to our clients.

Steel structures painting

Steel structure painting should be handled responsibly, as the quality of the metal treatment determines the longevity of the entire structure. The steel structures painting consists of preparatory work, priming and painting.

Corrosion protection painting of metal is carried out in accordance with the chosen protection system – up to C5. At this stage of work, we strictly follow the requirements of the regulations and technical instructions of the producers of materials.

Steel structures painting

After proper preparation of the metal surface to Sa 2 ½ grade, you do not have to worry about the quality and durability of the coating.

Once the steel structures painting is completed, they can be delivered to the site of assembly.

ISO 12944 - 5:2019

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This single-level warehouse with maximum effective floor space was designed, delivered and installed by the LS STEEL team.

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