LS STEEL is a full-range steel construction manufacturer.

The LS STEEL company was founded by experienced industry professionals to combine strength, skills and modern technology.

We pride ourselves on the trust of our customers.
Whatever industry they come from, they choose us.

Our experience has allowed us to develop a streamlined production process that allows us to save resources and create individually efficient solutions.

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Delivering the best solutions

Metal is our passion.

As the market developed, we realised that we can do better and we can do more. Whether it’s manufacturing or trading.

By combining ideas and skilful employees, we have created a new, strong and above all sustainable company.

By bringing together the best metalworking specialists, we have achieved an excellent result – we are one of the fastest-growing companies in our sector.

The key to our success is simple:

Consistently high quality,

Individual approach to each customer

And of course, to meet production deadlines.

Mission & Vision

Our vision for the future has been the same from day one – to be one of the leading players in the Baltic Sea region and to be able to give back to society – supporting people, sport and culture and being on the path to a greener tomorrow.

This is also our mission – to be the most socially and economically useful company in Europe.
The key to our vision and mission is: “Team is power!”

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Green energy

In today's world, where meaningful consumption is important, we keep a close eye on energy consumption rates and the use of green energy.

Team trainings

Our team uses techniques to share experiences from the most highly qualified professionals with their less experienced colleagues.

As a result, the level of knowledge of each team member individually and of LS STEEL as a whole is constantly increasing.


Although the field of metalworking and construction is rather conservative, we are integrating as many digital solutions as possible into our organisational processes. This allows us to be more nimble, dynamic and nature-friendly.

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